1. So, not sure if this is something people will be interested in or not.
  2. If not, please feel free to slap my phone right out of my hand, followed by a firm "Not cool!"
  3. But, a couple of weeks ago, Liz Gilbert came to Brisbane for an "Evening With" event.
    I love Liz Gilbert. I'd love for her to slap things out of my hand when I should be writing but get distracted. She'd be good at it and I think she'd do it in a nice way. But I think she might be too busy for this to be a full time job for her though.
  4. First of all, any time anyone even remotely famous comes to Brisbane I tend to get really excited.
    You're coming to BRISBANE?!?! Really? Not just Sydney or Melbourne? Thank YOU!! And yes please.
  5. Naturally, I wanted tickets. But instead of purchasing them immediately upon release, I waited for one of my bff's to get back to me about whether or not she could come.
  6. Turns out she couldn't. And when I went to book my ticket (cause I was going to go with or without her) they'd sold out 😱🙁
  7. I tried not to let it get me down. And I was doing great until I found out someone else I knew was going.
    And then I felt all jealous, but whatever. 😏
  8. Apparently the evening was amazing. And I was trying not to feel the 'missing out' feelings I was feeling.
  9. Then, the other day I came across a tweet that I very nearly scrolled right past.
  10. It was from the Brisbane Writers Festival who had hosted the evening. And they'd posted a YouTube video of the entire event!
  11. 😳😄😍👏
  12. So, this was a very long winded way of saying, "Hey, check out this link if you want to see it."
  13. It's lengthy - about 1 1/2 hours but it's packed with lots of inspiration on goal setting, creativity and writing.
  14. Enjoy.
    Or not, it's up to you 😊