1. Write lists but don't publish them because I see what everyone else is writing about and it's so much better than what I just wrote.
  2. Don't want to get out of bed because the cocoon I've made for myself with my doona is far more satisfying than anything I think I'll experience all day if I were to leave the house.
  3. Worry about the future of the world and of humanity when I see stupid people in power do stupid things and nobody can seem to stop them.
  4. Eat cold pizza for breakfast. Straight from the fridge. And I see nothing wrong with that.
  5. Wonder if I am the reason @ChrisK disappeared from The List App. Was it something I said or did or didn't say or didn't do?
    Or perhaps I'm being paranoid.
  6. Worry that I've somehow fallen behind in my life, and that everyone else is so much more advanced than me. And that I've left it too late now to catch up.
  7. Paint each fingernail a different color for one day only, just to get out of a funk I'm in. I take it off the next day.
  8. Like to sit and do absolutely nothing and just be alone with my wandering thoughts. They sometimes wander a long way.
  9. Like to imagine that in a parallel dimension, I am actually living the life I want to be living. At least then one of us would be happy and successful at this thing called Life.
  10. Like to listen to the same song over and over again, sometimes 20 to 30 times so that the song seems to fuse with my brain and I no longer hear it, I just feel it.
  11. Tell friends that I have plans just so that I can stay at home and be by myself. I think this counts as 'having plans'.
  12. Dance around the house like a lunatic to loud 80's music.
  13. Read inspirational books and it has the opposite effect on me, where the book actually make my life look more impossible to improve. And then I try to avoid reading such books. Until the next person tells me that I HAVE to read this amazing new book.
  14. Take myself on a date night. This is something I've just started doing. I love walking into a restaurant and saying, "Table for one", and knowing I won't need to compromise on table location, food and drink ordering, and afterwards on movie choice and seat location.
    Although I do miss having someone mind my stuff if I have to pee halfway though.
  15. Won't watch the very last episode of a series that's been cancelled before I'm ready for it to be cancelled. That way, for me, the series is still going.
  16. Wonder where my collection of smurfs I had as a child ended up.