1. Can anyone working at @list access and read the lists currently squirreled away in my drafts folder?
  2. Do they shake their head at the half competed lists that may or may not ever be published?
  3. Do they cringe at some of them?
  4. Are they perhaps excited at the thought of a couple of them being released into the Lands of List (i.e. being published)?
  5. Will I one day bring up one of those half finished lists and find a comment at the bottom from @list telling me not to proceed with this list?
    In a nice way, I'm sure. Just a gentle shake of the head as they help me select the delete option.
  6. Will they correct my grammar and spelling in a list they suspect will likely be published soon without a final proofread?
  7. These are just some of the things going through my head as I try to get to sleep. Or throughout the day.