Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. I remember mustering my most serious tone & deadpan face for a five year old & telling my mother (as she headed to the hospital to have my sister) not to bother coming home if I had a brother.
  2. There's this list here, as a response to the most memorable fight I've had with my sister.
  3. My sister was the first person who signed my cast when I broke my wrist, aged 12.
  4. My sister & I were always the last at the family dinner table, pushing around the cold vegetables we didn't want to eat until Mum eventually gave up.
    One night though, Mum was being firm. We had to eat it all. I can't remember what my sister was teasing me about but I threatened to fling some mashed potato that was on my fork at her if she wouldn't stop. She didn't stop & I started to get the potato ready, holding the tip of the fork, just to show her I was serious. Unfortunately (for me) my finger slipped & mashed potato went sailing down the length of the table & landed near her plate. I got in trouble. She got to leave the table.
  5. At my grandma's 70th birthday party, my sister dared me to wear the fake nose ring I'd purchased recently.
    I did & my grandma hated it. My sister had my back though & told everyone she thought it looked great. Years later, I got my nose pierced for real, & my grandma wouldn't believe it. It's no longer pierced now though. I'm a respectable lady (I took it out earlier this year...)
  6. My sister spoiled the ending of Harry Potter. And STILL, I love her.
    We lived interstate from each other by now, but we had planned to read HP together, at the same time. She'd told me that she had a busy weekend & not to text her any spoilers if I read ahead. I promised her I would not read ahead. Saturday night, I get a text from her saying, "I can't believe that ********** just happened!!" I hadn't read that far yet, & I was furious!
  7. My sister was adamant that she wanted me to meet her new boyfriend before my parents, so that he'd have a 'good impression' of the family and nothing embarrassing would happen.
    It didn't work out that way and he met my parents well before me. He's great though, & they've been together for 3 years now, so I guess it's ❤️