My street highlights, ranked.
  1. McFarlane St, Toowoomba
    Childhood home where we stayed the longest (except for parent's Brisbane address). I learnt to ride a bike down this street and one day when the school bus dropped me off at the front door, I had my first kiss. Romantic as hell, on the cheek from a guy I wish I still knew. We were both 7 at the time and the guys have gone downhill since then.
  2. Beaconsfield Pde, Melbourne
    This was right on the waters edge of Port Phillip Bay. I loved the smell of the salty sea air. This was my boyfriend's brother's place. We had just moved down from Brisbane (we eventually moved into a place of our own but I didn't like that place all). Although the amount of times I took advantage of the location and actually walked along the beach was approximately 4 in the 9 months or so I lived here.
  3. Osborne Ave, Melbourne
    The first place I lived post break up with aforementioned boyfriend. It was a beautiful tree-lined street with close proximity to 2 different tram lines. I stayed here for about 3 years. It was nice and quiet.
  4. Hardgrave Rd, Brisbane
    In theory, a trendy part of the inner city suburb of West End. Actually a dive of a flat & I had to move in a hurry when a psycho moved into the building. He would stand outside my front door or watch me from his kitchen window and scream obscenities at me. But it was across the road from an amazing Greek restaurant where they cook the best lemon potatoes ever.