1. I took away 'the end' from the title cause for me, summer is on its way.
  2. And unlike @jessicaz, I am not a summer girl.
    I am more of a spring/autumn girl. Even a winter girl. But not a summer girl.
  3. And I live in Brisbane, where summer lasts for about 6 months.
    Or so it feels like.
  4. I have very pale skin and have hideous memories involving sunburn like this example:
  5. One time, I was travelling in the front seat of a car and wasn't wearing sunscreen on my legs. Magnified sun burnt into my skin and I ended up with blisters on my thighs so large and so painful I needed to go to the doctors to get a special 'burn cream' prescribed.
    Fun times.
  6. Another time, in the height of when temporary tattoos were all the rage, I went out in the sun with said TT and again no sunscreen. I got sunburnt (big surprise) everywhere EXCEPT where the TT was.
    A very embarrassing and very white 'No Fear' remained on my upper arm for weeks afterwards. I wore a lot of sleeves during these dark days.
  7. But if I had to go for FOND memories, I guess there are a couple:
  8. The day we got aircon.
  9. The day I discovered non-greasy 50+ sunscreen.
  10. Thanks for the list request @Dad3!
  11. 😊