I wish there was some way I could type the word 'awesome' in bold, not just capitals.
  1. So, the Brisbane @ListMeetUps happened today! And it was awesome!!
  2. I arrived a little bit early with the plan of securing a good table. I was standing at the bar and looked to my side and saw two lovely ladies standing together looking at me.
    And I just knew. As did they.
  3. And yes, it was the very beautiful @sally_lee and @danibee!
    It was almost like fellow listers recognizing each other from afar.
  4. Fun fact about Sally, Danielle and me - we all live a SUBURB AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!
    I'm not kidding! We shop at the same shopping centers, we know the same landmarks! I couldn't believe it! I mean, they even know where the vet is that I take my cat to. It's awesome! We will be catching up quite regularly from now on for fun and frivolity.
  5. So enough about the fun facts. I know what you all want.
  6. You want to see the view we had from our table.
  7. And the drinks that we had.
    Note the List App sign. Thanks @Nicholas for the high res logo pic and to the very lovely lady at Officeworks who helped me print and laminate it.
  8. And the nibbles and drinks.
  9. And now, what you have been waiting for.
  10. The beautiful @sally_lee.
  11. And the beautiful @danibee (on the left) with me.
  12. And here we all are together.
  13. We talked and talked about so many different topics - many raucous laughs were had!
  14. We talked for hours, it was like we'd always known each other.
  15. Here's a bonus pic of @sally_lee summing up the Brisbane meetup sentiment.
    Such a great pic!
  16. We talked for so long the sun disappeared.
  17. And the moon came out.
    Thanks Sally for the pic!
  18. Thanks ladies for such a wonderful afternoon/evening!!
    I was walking along Elizabeth Street to catch the bus home with the biggest grin on my face. People probably thought I was high. I don't care!
  19. And thanks to @ListMeetUps and @Nicholas and @bjnovak and @dev and everyone at List App for such a wonderful community that introduces people who live on the other side of the world from each other to down the road from each other.
  20. I've been day drinking, so I'm gonna thank everyone! 😘