1. Thanks for the LR @andersun 😊
  2. So, at age 6, I was with my family at Girraween National Park.
    It was Mum, Dad, my sister (age 1) and me. Mum doesn't hike and she was looking after my sister, so Dad and I were the hikers.
  3. We were camping with my uncle, aunt and younger cousin. He was about 4 at the time.
    This is an important nugget of info.
  4. For those of you who don't know Girraween National Park, it's a really beautiful place.
  5. It's just south of Stanthorpe, which incidentally is where my Dad was born.
    Not an important piece of information to this story. But interesting if you like this kind of info.
  6. The hike we were doing had this stunning view from the top.
    Or so I'm led to believe.
  7. I was hiking with Dad, my uncle and younger cousin, aged 4.
  8. It got to a certain point where the track changed from trees to rock.
    Apparently the rock was slippery and there was some loose stones that made the climb to the top challenging.
  9. Dad told me that I would be unable to continue to the very top because he thought it was too dangerous for me.
  10. I was sat down and told not to move. And that he would pick me up on the way down.
  11. Now, if it was just me and Dad, I probably wouldn't have had an issue with this.
  12. But I did have an issue because my cousin, aged 4 (I wish I could bold this number) was allowed to proceed.
  13. I was furious. I took it as a personal insult.
    Like he didn't think I was a capable human (at 6, I know!).
  14. I also thought it was cause I was a girl. And this made me all the more furious.
    The injustice!
  15. Dad still maintains it was for my safety, and it probably was, but this is still something I bring up with him on a semi-regular basis.
  16. As a side note, now that he's older, whenever we go hiking I do the same to him. He doesn't find it amusing and rarely listens to me!
  17. One day I will go back and complete the hike 😊