1. Monday
    My new boss didn't want to wear me out on my first day so she told me to start an hour later and finish half an hour earlier than usual. Bless. If only she knew where I was coming from. Super nice to have someone who cares though! Met my new team, everyone is so friendly. I don't have a computer profile set up just yet so I buddied with someone to learn the ropes.
  2. Tuesday
    More buddying with a team member but this time I was operating their computer while they helped me out. The work is really interesting and challenging. I think this is going to be great!
  3. Wednesday
    I have my computer profile 75% set up. Enough so that I can sit at my own desk and work. Loving it!
  4. Thursday
    Just arrived at work and they told us they were sending us all home in about an hour. Brisbane is experiencing crazy weather thanks to Cyclone Debbie's tail. They wanted to make sure we all got home safe before the roads started flooding.
  5. Friday
    Won't be going in. Received a group text to say don't come in cause the roads are flooded and are expected to get worse overnight. Okaaay.
  6. All up, a good but eventful week 😊
  7. An update on the ex-cyclone flood situation.