The feeling that Christmas is almost upon us is often evoked by different sensations. I look on a little enviously at those who experience a white or even a cold Christmas. Maybe next year... But for now, here's my Christmas sensations.
  1. Smell
    When I walk into my kitchen first thing in the morning all I can smell is stone fruit. Mangoes, apricots, nectarines, the bowl of cherries that I need to put in the fridge. Other notable smells include regular barbecues in the neighborhood. So much is being grilled outdoors lately.
  2. Taste
    Christmas in Australia generally has the flavor of prawns, salmon, seafood in general, lamb, chicken - most of this is barbecued by the way, served with lots and lots of salads. Desserts like pavlova, cheesecake, fruit, anything cold is a winner. As a non-carnivore, this might be the year I try tofurkey. We'll see.
  3. Touch
    Nothing kills my Christmas spirit more than putting up the tree in 40 C heat. The feeling you get when the tinsel sticks to your skin is not pleasant.
  4. Sound
    The sound of the aircon, or the fan making the tinsel rustle & the baubles bounce together when it oscillates past the tree. Also, I have a favorite record from my childhood that I love to listen to at least once during the Christmas season - A Chipmunk Christmas. I know every word on that LP by heart.
  5. Sight
    So many shiny things! Did I buy enough fairy lights? Maybe I should buy more. Speaking of things bright, is the sun brighter than usual? It's so hot, I'm drawing the curtains & putting the aircon on.