1. This is my beautiful cat.
    His name is Dobby. This is his signature napping pose - one paw over his face. It attracts all the ladies.
  2. I must say, I get super stressed when my cat is sick and/or needs veterinary attention.
    He's got an infected tooth and may need to have the tooth extracted. He's got to go to the vet on Tuesday. Honestly, I'd rather go through this myself without anesthetic and pain killers than make him go through it.
  3. Monday:
  4. 4pm
    He's not allowed to eat anything after 8pm tonight but I can't even get him to eat anything now. A freshly opened tin of his favorite food goes untouched. Omg, now he's sick with something else! I start to freak out and imagine the absolute worst.
  5. 7pm
    He's eaten some food. Apparently he wanted a different flavor of tinned food. I can accommodate this.
  6. 8pm
    All food is taken away. At this stage he hasn't noticed.
  7. Tuesday
  8. 5am
    The water is taken away. He has also noticed the lack of food and throws me a look of such disbelief that his life has now come to this state of torture. It breaks my heart and I crawl back to bed for a bit to avoid his accusatory stares and pleading meows.
  9. 7:30am
    I'm up after having a horrible night's sleep. I get the cat carrier out and ready but hide it from Dobby's sight. He hates getting into the cat carrier more than anything. This is stressing me out.
  10. 8am
    He's in the carrier and I call for the cab. His deep soulful cries can be heard echoing throughout the neighborhood as we wait outside for the cab. Maybe he is calling for back up to help get him out of this situation. I get teary. This could be lack of sleep though.
  11. 8:30am
    I leave my baby with (essentially) strangers who hold a veterinary license. They better not screw anything up. I will come after them...
  12. 9am
    I'm home and am wandering the house, noticing how quiet it is without any meows. I don't like it. I take advantage of Dobby's absence by doing the vacuuming. He hates the vacuum almost as much as getting into his cat carrier.
  13. 10am
    The house is clean and I am contemplating a cheeky glass of red to help make the wait a little easier. I hold out as it's far too early for day drinking but make no promises for 11am.
  14. 12:30pm
    Lunch and still no call from the vet. They said they'd call in the afternoon. Well, it's officially the afternoon!
  15. 3pm
    I caved and called the vet. He's had 2 teeth out (😱) but is still too groggy to come home just yet. The house is far too quiet without him.
  16. 4:30pm
    I'm pacing throughout the house waiting for the call from the vet. They said they'd call back by 5 but I'd be totally ok if they called sooner. Like now, for instance.
  17. 6pm
    He's home. He's super groggy and can't seem to judge distance just yet. Might sleep on the floor tonight so he doesn't have to try to jump up on the bed and possibly hurt himself. He's had a little bit of dinner and is looking for more.
  18. 6:15pm
    I think it's time for me to have that wine!!