The Sights of Sydney - Day 1

I'm in Sydney this weekend!! These are some of the things I saw today.
  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge!!
  2. The Opera House!
  3. Arty shot.
  4. More Opera House
  5. Looking back at the city from the Opera House
    The big cruise ship sailed into open waters this afternoon. I missed it, but it was cocktail time when it happened, know, priorities.
  6. Omg, how did this get in here?!
    Delete, delete!
  7. The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar
  8. Sneaky bridge shot.
  9. Sneaky Opera House shot.
  10. Some curiosities for sale on George Street, The Rocks
    Also, inadvertent reflection selfie.
  11. Not sure I'd want to hang anything on these.
    Also, pretty sure this is a sext (according to @eriknmichaelssrn)
  12. A little bit of history.
    George Street, The Rocks again.
  13. The old hospital building.
  14. Angel Place.
    I love this little lane. Bird sounds are played through a set of speakers to add to the magic. It's pretty cool.
  15. Time for food! Meet the Vegan Fox. He was sexy.
    At Donut Time.
  16. I walked in and walked out again. I'm not cool enough to shop at Sephora.
    But at least I can say I've done it.
  17. Instead, I went to Aveda and bought some awesome makeup and skin stuff.
  18. A sexy salad for lunch at Mero Mero.
    I wish they had a Mero Mero in Brisbane.
  19. Centrepoint Tower
    There's an observation deck and a revolving restaurant at the top. I've been before (to both) but I was in full Tourist Mode so I visited the observation deck again.
  20. Look closely and you'll see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House peeking out from behind some buildings.
  21. Darling Harbour
  22. Hyde Park and the Centrepoint Tower shadow.
  23. Botanical Gardens
  24. Random city street view
  25. Circular Quay
  26. Moody storm clouds make for arty photos
    On my way to look at bars.
  27. @jessicaz tasked me with checking out bars for the upcoming Aussie @ListMeetUps.
    Let's just say I take my research VERY seriously! This is called a Fox & Gould. I'm sorry @eriknmichaelssrn, I can't remember what's in it but it was described as being 'very Hollywood', so this was my cocktail of choice. It was absolutely delicious.
  28. I'm clearly drunk in this pic. On one cocktail and an awesome sunset.
  29. It was an awesome sunset.
  30. My feet hurt now. But I'll be back out there tomorrow ☺️