The Sights of Sydney - Day 2

  1. I took it easier today cause yesterday I walked about 20km in shoes that were not made for walking.
  2. So I took a ferry trip to Manly to hang out by the sea.
  3. But first, sustenance aka another vegan donut from Donut Time.
    This one's called Sia Later, or rather, see ya later diet!! No regrets.
  4. The view of The Opera House from the ferry.
  5. Manly Wharf.
  6. The beach!
  7. More beach.
  8. Made a new friend. His name is Henry.
    He was a sweetie.
  9. I'm bringing back the tousled windswept look. You heard it here first.
    I'd say this is the last of the selfies for a while, holiday mode is winding down.
  10. The city skyline as seen through dirty ferry windows.
    I think this look could be my new aesthetic.
  11. Opera House and city from the ferry, clean window option.
  12. Quick wander through The Rocks to check out the markets.
  13. And then back to my sister's place to watch the sun set while enjoying a glass of red (not pictured).