1. My last day in Sydney. For now 😊
    I'll be back very, very soon!!
  2. I didn't do much other than sleep in...
    I was up way past my bedtime so I could wish the lovely @jessicaz a happy birthday from the east coast of Australia 🎁
  3. ...I packed and did some general housekeeping activities so that when my sister comes home later tonight she's got a clean and tidy flat.
  4. I played with beautiful Bella, my sister's cat who I was caring for/spoiling rotten this weekend.
  5. Then I headed to the city, where I did some sneaky last minute shopping.
  6. One last lap around Circular Quay.
    Suitcase in tow.
  7. And then headed for the airport.
  8. I'll be back in 32 days!
  9. And in 33 days it's the Aussie List Meetup!!
    SO excited!!!