For when you're trying impress a potential new friend, a crush, a secret crush, or just anyone in general as you try to cope with your feelings of inadequacy.
  1. Looking on at the person with awe and intimidation
    How did they get to be so cool? Did they take a class in coolness at some stage of their lives? They know so much. They will never want to hang out with me. I clearly have work to do.
  2. Trying to mimic by imitation
    Find out what books they like and read them. Make their playlists your own, watch movies they've seen in the past. This is all in the vain effort to 'catch up' intellectually and hopefully absorb their knowledge and wisdom in the process.
  3. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
    You've entered into a state of sensory overload. How will you ever see/hear/read all that they've seen/heard/read in the past and still see/hear/read what is happening in the present? The answer is you can't.
  4. Stop trying
    You can't keep up so why push yourself to do the impossible? Besides, you clearly don't stand a change fitting in with this potential new friend/crush/secret crush anyway.
  5. Calm acceptance
    Slowly coming to the realization that all that you have seen/heard/read in the past is part of who you are right now. Why are you trying to be like someone else? This is the stage to get reflective.
  6. Slight smugness
    Mainly at coming to this realization. And also with the thought that perhaps there's someone somewhere who may be intimidated by you. And that maybe they are trying to see/hear/read all that you've seen/heard/read to try and look cool for you.