Aka, scouting List Meetup locations while in Sydney a couple of weekends ago. Inspired by @ListMeetUps
  1. A couple of weekends ago, I was in Sydney house and cat sitting for my sister while she was away for the weekend.
    She was supposed to be away sometime in November, but that changed to the end of August.
  2. Which was super lucky for me (and Jess), cause I got to scout List Meetup locations 😊
  3. I consulted the website for The Theatre Bar At The End Of The Wharf re specific location so I could take a look.
    It really is located at the end of a wharf, it's not just a quirky name.
  4. Actually finding the bar was a little bit challenging.
  5. I walked to the end of the wharf in question. I could hear people enjoying drinks and laughing, I looked up and could see people enjoying drinking and laughing, but for the life of me I couldn't find the entrance to this bar.
  6. I walked back down to the start of the wharf. There was a coffee shop where one guy was packing up for the day and looked like he might cry if I walked in and asked for a table.
    Lucky for him, I was just after directions. Which I got.
  7. There's a lift, hidden a little from street view that takes you up one flight. You then walk down a corridor along the length of the building to get to...The Theatre Bar At The End Of The Wharf!
  8. Along the way there's inspirational messages on chalk boards so that the walk doesn't seem so long.
    Perhaps they've assumed you've already done this walk on ground level, and need a bit of cheering up.
  9. There's even a message on a chalk board that lets you know you're at the 'half way' mark to the bar.
  10. There's also lots of cool black and while pics lining the walls of actors who (I presume) have starred in plays in theaters nearby.
  11. Now, when Jess asked me to 'check out bars', she knew I'd be thorough.
    We want you guys to have a fun time!
  12. And I wanted to be 100% sure that this bar is great! If that means trying out some of the drinks menu, then so be it.
    I will do what I have to do.
  13. As I was reclining on one of the lounges, sipping a refreshing cocktail, this is the view I had.
    Pretty terrible, right 😏
  14. On the way back down the corridor, on the reverse side of the chalk boards are messages thanking you for your visit and that they hope to see you again soon.
    You will!
  15. So, The Theatre Bar At The End Of The Wharf is going to be the perfect location to try out the rest of the cocktail menu and catch up with my fellow Aussie Listers!!! 🐨🐨🐨
  16. Bonus pic: view of the Opera House from Meetup Location 1.