1. It's been a rough week for me.
    Mum's in hospital, she had major surgery last Monday and the hospital called last night to say they detected complications and she's back in surgery again first thing this morning. But this is hopefully going to help her and get her home asap.
  2. Work's been shit.
    When has it not, really. But I didn't need the extra shit when I'm already super stressed.
  3. BUT...
  4. Things are looking up!
  5. I've had amazing support! The wonderful @jessicaz has held my hand from the other side of the country and made sure that I know I'm not alone ❤
    Seriously, I can't thank you enough Jess 😘😘😘
  6. I applied for a new job yesterday!!
    Fingers crossed!!! I'm feeling confident about it. Turns out I just needed some extra shit piled on top of the existing shit to give me the push I needed to get out of there.
  7. After not writing anything for over a week I got a couple of pages out this morning, even on very little sleep.
    No idea how good they are, but words are on the page!
  8. Giphy