Inspired by @bjnovak (not the girly part)
  1. Those who know me IRL sometimes doubt my ability to be a girly girl. I prefer hiking over handbags, a bag over my head instead of makeup, and I look like I'm having a seizure if I'm walking in heels.
  2. But surprise! Turns out I am actually a woman!
  3. These are the girly things I've been into this week:
  4. Amazinger Face, Zoe Foster Blake
    The beauty book I never knew I needed. Written in a no-bullshit Aussie humor (or should that be humour) kinda way. Very entertaining & informative. Look, I just wanna know how to do my eye make up so that I don't look like a hooker from the 80's. It's the number 1 thing holding me back from doing my eyes now. This book has shown me the way. I have seen the light... I just need a little more practice.
  5. Pinky-Nudey Lips
    The aforementioned ZFB also has her own range of skin care products. I tried out the cheapest product before committing to others in the range. This lip gloss is the BEST thing I have ever put on my lips!! Moisturizing but not sticky, has SPF 15 & the perfect hint of color. I haven't done the kiss test yet cause I can't find a volunteer. Although I have kissed my cat on the top of his head & my lips came away a little furry. This might be why I can't find a volunteer.
  6. OPI nail polish in A Rose at Dawn...Broke by Noon
    Who comes up with the names to these? I want that job. I'm not one for painted fingernails but damned if I don't have the prettiest toenails at yoga.
  7. Endota Spa Organics Multi-Vitamin Treatment Oil
    Smells great and sinks in quickly. I did find that I'm better off not adding a moisturizer on top of it lest I turn my face into a slip n slide. Now I just sit back and wait for the anti-aging properties to work their magic.
  8. Grown Alchemist pink grapefruit exfoliator
    Really lovely exfoliator.
  9. Grown Alchemist vanilla and orange peel hand cream
    I only bought the small tube so I could try it out before I make a larger commitment. I'm going back for the larger tube for my handbag and the even larger pump pack for home. Highly recommend.
  10. Pure Castile Soap - Hemp Rose
    It's concentrated so a small squirt goes a long way (that's what she said - I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it). Seriously though, it smells divine. I might splash out in a big way and buy the companion moisturizer.
  11. And this is about as girly as I get.
  12. 💁
    This is the first time I have used this emoji.