Things I'm into this week

  1. New cleanser
    It's winter in Australia and my normal foaming cleanser is making my skin so dry it looks like I have dandruff on my face. Enter a new cream cleanser from Aesop. Skin is much better now. ☺️
  2. Mom I'm Fine Instagram account
    Cool dude traveling around the world letting his mother know he's fine in creative ways.
  3. Myths and Legends podcast
    I've just started listening to this podcast and it's pretty cool. A different myth is discussed each episode and there's a spotlight on a mythological creature at the end. Check it out.
  4. Why Not Me? Audiobook
    I've read the book (a couple of times, actually), but there was something special about Mindy reading it to me when I was feeling a bit blue. And when I say blue, I mean down not saucy. Anyway, it picked me up again. Thanks Mindy!