1. I started to Marie Kondo the crap out of my stuff but had to stop when I realized it's going to take me more than 6 weeks to get rid of what I want to get rid of so far based on the size of my bin.
    I might get up before 4:30am on Friday (bin day) and sneak some stuff into my neighbor's bin. Or I could just be upfront and ask him if he's cool with it.
  2. I went through 4 big boxes of books that hadn't seen the light of day in over 4 years.
    They will be sold. Hopefully.
  3. Cleaned out my cat's litter box.
    And completed other various chores such as watering the garden, doing the washing and making sure I ate 3 times a day.
  4. I also cleaned out the fridge door and threw away many assorted old condiments.
    This is really living.
  5. I made Anzac biscuits.
  6. I reduced the amount of photos on my phone from over 6000 to 962.
    Winning at life.
  7. I binge listened to 17 episodes of The Great Debates. I am almost up to date.
    Then what am I going to do? Listen to them weekly like a peasant? I don't think so. I propose a move to a bi-weekly podcast (at the very least) to accommodate my humorous debating needs.
  8. And most importantly, enjoyed the first Brisbane List App meetup!!