Saturday 7th May edition
  1. Context: my parents have spent the last 3 weeks visiting my sister in Sydney, they are back home in Brisbane tomorrow night. Whenever they come home, I always cook a nice meal for them and make sure the fridge is stocked.
    Daughter of the Year. Yes indeed.
  2. They prefer a more meaty diet. I am vegan. I usually cook 2 different meals. Tomorrow I'll be making 2 lasagnes: one meaty, one veggie. Served with a salad.
  3. But, I don't want to spend all day tomorrow cooking. I have other things to do. So I've had an afternoon of prep.
  4. I have cooked:
  5. Bolognese sauce
  6. Béchamel sauce
    Made with milk and butter
  7. Béchamel sauce
    Made with soy milk and dairy free butter
  8. Grilled eggplant
  9. Grilled zucchini
  10. Pan fried mushroom with red peppers
  11. Napoli sauce
    For my veggie lasagne.
  12. And dinner for me tonight.
    Chana masala with chickpeas and brown rice.
  13. Soundtrack: my gym playlist plus assorted 80's tunes.
    It's rocking at Chez Jocelyn.
  14. My feet and back now ache and I'm reminded of why I stopped being a chef.
    It would be nice to have a kitchen hand to do my dishes though.
  15. Soon I'll be relaxing with a glass of wine.
  16. And tomorrow, all I have to do is assemble 2 lasagnes and pop them in the oven. 😊