A continuation from a previous rant.
  1. Reading through all the lists I missed while I was asleep while I'm on the bus but getting to my destination before I'm finished.
    Hey driver, would you mind just driving around for an extra 10 minutes? Maybe 15? That'd be great!
  2. People who try to 'save me' from reading.
    I love to read. There, I've said it. The secret is out. So when I'm on a bus, waiting for work to open or sitting in a cafe, chances are I'll have either a book or my kindle. Sometimes both. Then someone comes along & basically announces, "I am here now, you don't have to read, you can talk to me." This does not fill me with excitement or happiness. Unless I am actually waiting for that person, that is.
  3. Running for the bus & the driver shutting the door in my face.
    Sometimes they'll open the door again to let me on. Sometimes they'll do this with a sigh & a roll of their eyes as the door opens. Why? Is this a show of the power you have over me & my quest to get to work on time? Other times they'll just look at me with indifference as they drive off.
  4. When I open a box of tablets/medication and I somehow always choose the side where the instructional leaflet is folded.
    What's up with that universe? Sometimes it's the little things that piss me off.