I've had a week off for holidays & today I'm back at work. I've just reached the 4 hour mark & this has happened so far.
  1. I have a mild panic attack on the way to work at the thought of being back at a job I really really don't like.
    Trouble breathing, on the verge of crying hysterically. Was able to pull it together just before I arrived.
  2. We had a pair of abusive customers come into the branch & threaten us.
    I work in a bank. And not behind the safety screens so I was really excited about this. Threats like they are going to "wait for the branch to close, & we try to leave for the day" - I can only assume they plan on buying us all flowers to apologize for a stressful morning.
  3. We had to press the panic button to get the police to come.
  4. Interviews with police, going through cctv footage.
    Fun times.
  5. I realized that I need to put a LOT more energy into finding a new job asap.