Aka, my celebrations and recommendations.
  1. This book arrived from The Book Depository.
    I love Steve Martin and this book is funny.
  2. I bought Nars blush in orgasm.
    A treat for me. And for my cheeks.
  3. My list of favorite puns was quite popular. It almost made it to the very top of the trending list. I was super excited about this 😊
  4. I bought a new filter top for my drink bottle.
  5. I saw The Big Short.
    I wrote a list about it: DATE NIGHT WITH MYSELF
  6. Another tofu bento box for lunch on Monday.
    I do love them! I think maybe it's time I stopped taking photos of them though.
  7. I bought a bottle of red to celebrate the end of the week.
  8. I spent my Friday evening watching The Imitation Game and drinking red wine.
    It wasn't quite what I was expecting but I liked it.
  9. Have a great weekend everyone!
  10. xo