It's only Tuesday and already it's been a rough week. Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy.
  1. Having someone at work in another department email me a smiley face for helping them yesterday.
    I really do appreciate this. Flowers also works for me.
  2. Having a friend text me the following picture as she tries to guess the expression on my face while I'm at work.
    It was pretty accurate. And it made me giggle.
  3. Logging into the new forum set up by my amazing fellow writers as part of the List App Writing Group.
    There was a writing prompt posted by the lovely @annalara, it made me forget my shitty day as I thought of what to write.
  4. Wine.
    Large glass of.
  5. Shower with my favorite shower gel.
  6. Freshly washed pajamas. Clean sheets. And more wine.
  7. Night everyone. xo