1. Being in a public bathroom and seeing someone leave a cubicle and then leave the bathroom - without washing their hands.
    Applicable to anyone really but special shout out to Awkwardville if it's someone who works in food service. And you've just eaten something from that restaurant.
  2. Extreme displays of public affection.
    I'm talking about finding each other's tonsils in front of me on the train here. Hold hands by all means, I'm not a monster.
  3. Forced chatting with my hairdresser.
    I get it. You like to get to know your customer. But here's the deal: I've been talking to people non stop all day at work. There would be nothing more sublime than if I could just sit here in silence with my eyes closed and be surprised by an awesome haircut at the end.
  4. Accidentally hitting Publish List instead of Save Draft.
    Oops. It's out there now, I guess.