Requested by @biz
Many things make me feel uncomfortable. Here are some:
  1. Being at home by myself on the weekend, relaxing in my home attire, hearing a car pull up outside and then a knock on my door. "Hey, I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd pop in for a visit!"
    Call first, for the love of god!! Then I can tell you whether or not I want you to come over.
  2. Seeing people in a public restroom leave the toilet cubicle and walk out without washing their hands.
  3. Forced conversation with my boss when I'm trying to eat my lunch.
    Just let me check The List App and read my Kindle. In that order.
  4. Forced conversation with anyone I don't really want to be hanging out with.
    Unless alcohol is involved. I'm still uncomfortable but I can hide it better.
  5. Dining alone and having the wait staff make a big deal about it.
    I'm totally fine with dining alone. Im doing it now as I write this list. But I feel uncomfortable if I have to make others feel better about it. If I have my phone or Kindle, I'm 100% ok. Yes, the table is just for one. Calm down.
  6. Running late for something.
    I'm usually early to everything.
  7. When someone calls and they assume I know who they are. But I have no idea who's on the phone and so I keep talking in a very generalized way, hoping I'll eventually figure it out.
  8. Thanks for the list request @biz!
  9. xo