It's Sunday morning & I've just woken up tired but hangover-free after attending a wedding yesterday/last night. Must get stuff done today.
  1. Get out of bed. Make tea.
    My elixir of choice. Two cups is better than one.
  2. Get dressed.
    I don't have to but I'll get more stuff done if I am not in my jim jams.
  3. Write 5000 words minimum towards NaNoWriMo novel.
    Have fallen WAY behind. Must make up word count today. 5000 good, 6000 better. Do this in the morning before procrastination takes hold of my brain & convinces it that watching movies all day is the better option.
  4. Eat cupcake from yesterday's wedding. Drink more tea.
  5. Spend afternoon lying in bed watching DVDs.
    Only after writing goal achieved. If not, must chain myself to laptop. Re DVDs, I'm thinking something I've seen before, something familiar. A light hearted comedy perhaps, nothing that will make me cry too much or feel too depressed about going back to work in the morning. Naps optional.