1. It's 2017 in Brisbane, Australia already!
  2. 6:55am, to be precise.
  3. And I am awake.
  4. What does the future hold, you ask?
  5. I'm glad you asked.
  6. So far, so good.
  7. There's minimal hangovers, even though I had far more alcohols than I intended last night.
  8. And it was the unmeasured scotch that eventually made my face numb.
  9. Apparently the glass was far bigger than it looked without my glasses on.
  10. But I digress.
  11. You want to know about the future.
  12. There's a small headache in 2017.
  13. But nothing that can't be fixed with some water and a strong cup of tea.
  14. So have these on hand.
  15. Maybe a couple of aspirin.
  16. And a mid morning nap.
  17. Maybe afternoon too, I'm not sure yet.
  18. But so far, the future looks good.
  19. At least the neighborhood is nice and quiet.
  20. It'll make the morning nap easier.
  21. I digress again...
  22. I hope everyone enjoys their New Year celebrations.
  23. However you choose to celebrate it.
  24. You can party on any way you like knowing that 2017 is okay.
  25. ❤️