1. Having a celebrity crush (or CC) is something most people experience in their life at one time or another & to varying degrees of obsession. There are some benefits to having a CC and a few downsides as well.
  2. Benefits:
  3. It is a fictional relationship. It can be whatever you want or need it to be at the time.
  4. You can build this person up to be however and whoever you want them to be. You can construct your ideal boyfriend (or girlfriend) in your mind. No compromises. Or even judgement.
  5. The dating world got you down? No fear, instead of worrying which direction to swipe, spend an evening with your CC. He will, of course, let you choose the evening's activities. That's just like him!
  6. You never have to worry about whether or not your CC will get along with your friends and family. Of course they will, they're the perfect partner.
  7. You and your CC never fight. You have discussions but it always turns out favorably. No one ever goes to bed angry.
  8. Your CC will never behave like a jerk. He will treat you well and be a perfect gentleman. At all times.
  9. Downsides:
  10. It is a fictional relationship. Nothing in real life will ever be how you imagine it to be.
  11. On the off chance you should actually meet your CC in real life, chances are they will probably not live up to your fantasies or expectations. This can result in all manner of mixed feelings. There may possibly be tears involved.
  12. A CC can sometimes prevent you from developing a real relationship. Having a fictional ideal in your mind & holding onto this as the standard to which a real life potential partner must measure up to is setting yourself up for a bit of heartbreak.
  13. Contrary to your wildest fantasies, your CC will not comfort you in times when you need it most. A CC cannot give you a hug & tell you that everything will be alright after you've had a shitty day. You are actually on your own here.
  14. A CC experience can be very time consuming with nothing to show for it.
  15. Other thoughts:
  16. If I find myself with a CC, from time to time I may need to break up with them.
  17. This could be because another celebrity has caught my eye & I feel it's only fair that I should end things with my current CC appropriately.
  18. Other times I just need to take a break in order to get stuff done. I hope he understands.