1. Reading @eriknmichaelssrn 's beautiful list about his dog, Twilly. I was on the bus and couldn't stop the tears. So moving.
  2. When I read all the supportive comments on my previous list.
    They mean so much, you guys ❤️
  3. When I was finished with a difficult file/customer who had been calling me every 5 minutes during the last week, I got quite teary with the relief of it all.
  4. When I was listening to a Magic Lessons podcast over lunch.
    Liz Gilbert has the power to make me cry at the drop of a hat. I should have know better knowing my previous cry stats during the day.
  5. When a particular file/customer that has been such a nightmare to deal with, that I was literally at my wits end about, got solved with the extension of a due date by one of my fav people at head office.
    Real tears of joy. My boss will be back from her annual leave. They're her customers. They're her problem. Cue tears of happiness.