1. When The X Files is delayed by one week from EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.
    That's right, haven't seen it yet.
  2. When there are delays on every other TV show I want to watch because of my location.
  3. When we don't even get some TV shows.
  4. Or movies.
  5. Movie release delays.
    Except for that ONE time we got one of the Harry Potter movies released before the rest of the world. By one day. Oh, the outcry!
  6. US Netflix > AU Netflix.
    By a lot!
  7. US iTunes > AU iTunes.
    Again, by a lot!
  8. Long postage times to and from anywhere else in the world.
    Except perhaps New Zealand.
  9. Longing for winter when it's summer. And summer when it's winter.
    I see all those pictures of snow on Instagram. Don't think I'm not jealous.
  10. End of rant.
  11. xo