Yes, we're a bunch of weirdos.
  1. Instead of saying 'shot gun' to get the front seat, we say 'gun shot'.
    This came about when Dad was trying to grab the front seat and got confused about what to say. He said 'gun shot' to my confused family and got in the front seat. Now we all say it.
  2. Pinot Gringo
    Dad was choosing wine at a bottle shop once and had forgot his glasses. He picked up a bottle of white wine and tried to hold it at various arm lengths to read the label. He turned to me and asked if I'd tried this Pinot Gringo before and if it would go well with dinner. We try not to say this in restaurants if we can help it. But sometimes we can't help it.
  3. Watch the bottom step.
    Dad and I were on a winery tour once and we were walking down a set of stairs. Dad missed the bottom step and fell over. I was a horrible daughter and laughed hysterically. I then did exactly the same thing moments later. Karma's a bitch. It's important to say that we hadn't even started drinking wine at that point! But now when we're walking down any set of stairs whatsoever we always point to the bottom step and say, "Watch the bottom step."
  4. Shushi
    Dad got tongue tied saying sushi once. Now we all call it shushi. And eat it very quietly.