My List presence has been a little sporadic lately. I apologize. Here's what I've been up to when I've been MIA.
  1. Letting things that I can't control get me down.
    I've had some low points, some shower sobbing, some dark days. Days where I didn't want to be around anyone, even online. From the general customer service trials of my job driving me batshit crazy to my super skinny boss looking me up & down before remarking that I hadn't been to the gym in a while. I've let it all get to me. It's not been pretty.
  2. Contemplating my future - The pessimistic side
    Wondering/worrying about the future. Realizing that if I don't do something to change where I am now that I'll still be doing what I'm doing (and hate) when I'm 45. And 50. And feeling overwhelmed & terrified that I won't have the courage to change.
  3. Contemplating my future - The optimistic side
    Realizing that I need to make plans and now. Being bold with these goals. Writing them down and breaking them into stages so they don't look so daunting or terrifying or impossible to achieve. A work in progress.
  4. Writing
    I started a new project. It's early days and I don't want to say too much cause I find I jinx myself or lose interest when I make a big announcement about what I'm writing. But it's moving along nicely and it's making me happy.
  5. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks.
    Ive been learning new things, getting inspired and being entertained.
  6. Trying new recipes.
    To entice my taste buds.
  7. De-cluttering.
    In a DM convo with @jessicaz a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I still had an item packed away in a box somewhere that brought back bad memories. She said something like, "Good lord, what else are you holding onto from the past? Get rid of it, it's holding you back." I'm not sure if this is verbatim, I'd have to go back a way to find it. But I've been throwing away some stuff. The extra space feels good.
  8. Hanging out with my cat.
    He can always tell my mood and adjusts his smooches and head bumps accordingly.
  9. I'll try not to to leave it too long between posts again - over a week was too much pressure.
    As you can tell by my last list 😱
  10. ❤️