A relatively lame explanation of why I've been sporadically MIA of late.
  1. I've been writing.
    This is where the majority of my time is going lately. I have a self imposed deadline, otherwise I'll never get it finished. I'm gonna make it too!!
  2. Working.
    Or pretending to work. Mostly working though.
  3. Complaining about the heat.
    There's been heatwave after heatwave in my corner of the world. This is not pleasing to me and I've been vocal about it to anyone who'll listen.
  4. Playing a bit of Plants vs Zombies.
    Stuck in the past. But it's soothing and hypnotic.
  5. Listening to podcasts.
    Mainly about learning new things.
  6. Sleeping.
    Chews up valuable time, but what can I do about it.