What My Most Used Emojis Say About Me

Inspired by @Waz
  1. 🎉
    I can't let go of stuff
  2. 😏
    I'm in a smart arse mood. Look out.
  3. 😻
    I think your cat is attractive.
  4. 😳
    I'm flabbergasted.
  5. 🍷
    I'm drinking or want to be drinking. Used any time of the day.
  6. 😂
    I have no control over my bodily functions as you have expressed something so hilarious.
  7. 👏🏻
    Bravo. (I wish I'd thought of that)
  8. 😈
    I'm feeling saucy.
  9. 😕
    I'm slightly disgruntled but not enough to use an official sad face.
  10. ❤️
    My stamp of approval.
  11. 🎪
    Wild card.