My bedside table is actually a desk that's squeezed in beside my bed & wardrobe. It's very very messy at the moment. Here's what's on it:
  1. This is scene.
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    Somewhere underneath all this stuff is a desk.
  2. Shopping bag from Collette.
    In this bag there is: a hairbrush, a set of silicon sole savers/heel guards for the shoes I plan to wear this afternoon, magic tape to ensure dress I'm wearing today stays put around cleavage zone, make up wipes, & finally (at the very bottom of the bag) new earrings & bangle & also new black clutch from Collette.
  3. Various electronic devices & accessories.
    Kindle, iPad, apple disc player, mobile wifi connector, & way under everything is my unseen laptop.
  4. Bing Bong!
  5. Terrariums.
    Two little ones with two different types of moss & one larger one with a fern, some moss & a stripey leaf plant that I don't know the name of.
  6. A small glass skull.
    It has vodka in it & was a gift from @callmesabby.
  7. Tea.
    A packet of green tea & toasted brown rice tea bags & a small tin of Buddhas Tears from T2.
  8. Empty tea cup.
  9. Full drink bottle.
    In a wicked shade of pink.
  10. My bus pass.
  11. Stationery items.
    Post it notes, a notebook, my journal, USB drive, laptop case, pink stripe mug with pens.
  12. Assorted beauty products.
    Aesop hand cream, Endota lip gloss with pink tint, paw paw balm, Chanel No. 5 moisturizer (in sample size), bobby pins.
  13. My favorite necklace.
    It's a faceted smoky quartz, I've had it for years & love it.