1. When the thought of what you have to do the next day keeps you awake at night.
    And not in an excited way.
  2. When a friend asks you how many times you've cried over this job.
    Like proper, in the shower sobbing. And I was a little confused at the question - like since I started or per month?
  3. When the job makes you sick. Literally.
  4. When there's absolutely no room to advance or grow in the company.
    And any kind of expressed desire to do so is quickly squashed out of you and so you're stuck in this shit-kicking position day in and day out.
  5. When you try to stay just until next year so you can take your o/s holidays.
    But even that's too long, and the thought of another 7 months is enough to start shower sobbing.
  6. It's time to go.