1. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for supporting local businesses.
  2. But I wanted to buy a particular book. Fates and Furies, to be precise.
  3. I went to one bookstore and they didn't have it in stock 😱
  4. But they could order it in for me. It should arrive in 7-10 working days. And they'd charge me a fee for this.
  5. No thanks.
  6. Then I emailed another bookstore and asked about availability.
  7. They also didn't have it but could order it in for me. It would take around 3-4 weeks. 😱😱
  8. Are you kidding me?
  9. Thanks but no thanks. I'll order it myself, with free shipping, for less than what you're charging. And I'll have it in about a week.
  10. Thanks Book Depository 😊
  11. So while I'd like to support my local bookstores, I can't because they never have the books I want to buy!!
    Note: I do understand they can't keep every book ever published in stock just in case I drop by on a whim and want to buy something. But this is a relatively recent book release. Get it together bookstores of Brisbane.