How did I get to be this way? Ah, that is the mystery.
  1. I cover books in contact. But not all of them. There is a selection process.
    I used to cover all books but that got to be too much. So now I just cover books that I think I'm going to read multiple times. This is usually non fiction books but sometimes fiction will slip into some contact just to be cheeky. As a side note, last year I sold a whole stack of books that I'd accumulated while at uni. The lady at the second hand bookstore emailed me a few weeks later to let me know I had received many compliments on my contacting skills!
  2. I like to eat different colored candy according to color grouping but I have no preference for what order the colors are eaten in.
    Unless I'm eating chewy watermelon and strawberry Eclipse mints. Then it's watermelon first and then strawberry. No exceptions.
  3. When I'm eating a bento box from the takeaway restaurant near where I work I always eat it with the rice situated in the lower left hand corner.
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    Like so. I don't know why but it just doesn't feel right the other way around.