Add movies to the list. If you've seen a film, add it with either a + or - and I will include your name and rating under that film. Only films that we've all seen with 100% approval pass.
  1. We Are The Best!
    Suggested by   @theclubisopen
  2. Tangerine
    Suggested by   @theclubisopen
  3. Wild Tales
    Suggested by   @Gloveman
  4. The Fall
    JP +
  5. The Big Short
    Do you see when I add movies to this list?
  6. Philomena
    Steve Coogan produced and starred in this flick. Quiet gem.
  7. Dear White People
    I don't have anything real insightful to add- I just really enjoyed this movie. On Hulu+. Unfortunately not on Netflix anymore.
    Suggested by   @theclubisopen
  8. Zero Motivation
    Workplace drama/comedy set in the IDF. I'm a sucker for any movie with high jinks in a military setting. On Netflix.
    Suggested by   @theclubisopen