North lake is an interesting place
  1. Some guy playing a recorder in the middle of the hallway.
  2. A dude getting mad at a police officer who arrested him for vandalizing a vending machine.
  3. An entire jazz band playing in the middle of the hallway as I walked to film class.
  4. An old man with a fanny pack who handed me a "million dollar bill" that was a pamphlet about Jesus.
  5. This one creepy guy that I would see almost every day even outside of class that seemed to be walking without any goal or location.
  6. The ever-changing minimalist artwork in the art area that nobody actually cares about.
  7. This one professor who somehow recognized me and greeted me out of hundreds of students every time we passed by.
  8. People getting pissed about refunds at the bookstore.
  9. That one dude that looks pissed and is sitting with his beats headphones and laptop.
  10. This one classmate that would vape in the middle of film class.