1. Cranberry sauce
  2. Sweet potato casserole
    I love sweet things and I like casserole but something about sweet potato casserole just rustles my jimmies.
  3. Turkey
    It's so dry and the only thing people think makes it better is cranberry sauce which would only make it worse for me.
  4. Pecan pie
    It's too sweet for me but if you forced me to eat it I wouldn't actually mind.
  5. Green bean casserole
    Green bean casserole is good, but still, it's not my favorite.
  6. Mashed potatoes
    Unless it's the best mashed potatoes on the planet I probably won't put it on my plate first, but bacon cheddar mashed potatoes are still my stuff
  7. Pumpkin pie
    Who tf doesn't like pumpkin pie, it's so delicious.
  8. Rolls
    Give me dat soft buttery goodness, in fact I'll take the whole basket.
  9. Cornbread stuffing
    I don't even know what's in cornbread stuffing half the time but damn if this isn't the tastiest stuff I've ever had. Of all the things at the thanksgiving buffet this is the only one I will get like 5 servings of.