Lessons that are good, and some I learned the hard way.
  1. You may think you're prepared for college, but nothing prepares you for walking it's a giant lecture hall with a few hundred people.
    Coming from a small school, a lecture hall with 300 people freaked me out
  2. College gives you the illusion of free time.
  3. Naps are essential.
    Why did I hate them when I was little?
  4. Know your limits.
    Interpret that however you want...
  5. Go to your professors for help. Don't sit back and struggle.
    They want you to succeed, talking to them one on one helps.
  6. Know where you stand with your grade in the class at midterm.
    Freaking out about your grade during dead week isn't ideal.
  7. Procrastination does not work
    Yet we all still do it.
  8. Cramming for tests does not work.
    Yet we all still do it.
  9. You'll make friendships that'll last forever.
  10. Joining Greek Life is a great decision.
  11. Caffeine becomes your best friend during finals week.
    Drank way too much coffee and/or Red Bull for my own good.
  12. Work hard, but take time to enjoy college as well.
    Get work done, then go spend time with friends. The social part of college is important too.
  13. Understand that time flies by.
    One year down and it feels like I blinked and it's over.
  14. Love your school!
    Go Pokes 🍊🔫