I feel that there are a ton of supporting characters that add a lot to movie/ shows that don't get credit for how much join and value to add.
  1. Ronjit -HIMYM
    A reoccurring driver for many adventures that the group has. He is there to give wisdom and advice as well as humor.
  2. Ryan Howard - The Office
    Ryan is one of the if not the smartest guy in the office. But he isn't half as smart as he thinks he is. Everyone not named Michael loves to put Ryan in his place. And knock him down a peg or two.
  3. Boromir - Lord of the Rings
    Boromir is normally remembered for trying to steel the ring from Frodo. But he also saves the lives of 2 members of the group while sacrificing himself.
  4. Ugly Naked Guy - Friends
    He is never seen other than the back of his head. But the writer's use him to get laughs throughout the first 5 seasons. Such as having one of the group notice that Ugly Naked Guy is putting up ornaments for Christmas. But not on his tree....
  5. Miguel Prado - Dexter
    The character development with Miguel is amazing. He goes from being the ADA to a man who has a thirst for blood wanting to kill anyone who he deems guilty.
  6. Cedric Diggory - Harry Potter
    He is the golden boy that everyone roots for and is actually worthy of the praise.
  7. Doug Stamper - House of Cards
    He is a person who truly believes in the Underwoods. He is willing to do anything for them. He is a highly intelligent white collar individual but is not shy about getting his hands dirty when he needs to.