1. Cats
    This really goes for pets of all kinds. But mostly cats.
  2. Babies
    This is their child, their niece and nephew, the kids they babysit or work with.
  3. A full body mirror selfie
    Normally with a caption that has no reliance. Like: "Sunday fun day", "new hat", "heading out tonight" or "work selfie".
  4. More cats
    Captions: "precious", "me and bae", "he thinks he's people", or "the only love I need".
  5. The one exciting thing they did that week
    They probably had a girls night and went out to eat. They might have gone out in a big city like Chicago. Gone to see a concert or a show.
  6. A drunken night
    They went out bar hopping and took way too many snaps with a group of people. Or they had a house party and played drinking games. Or my personal favorite, they got drunk watching Netflix at home with their cat.