1. I wake up around 11-12 never later than 12.
    I work second shift and never seem to wake up early.
  2. Watch football pregame
  3. Watch the 12 football games
    I have no idea if you have watch the "red zone" channel. If not, it. Is. Awesome!
  4. Around 12:30, I start think about what food I'm going to cook for lunch.
  5. Keep watching football.
  6. Around 1:30 I remember that I'm still hungry but at this point I'm too lazy to cook. I order a pizza or wings.
  7. Open a beer while I wait for my food. And watch football.
  8. After eating my food I watch the afternoon football games.
  9. Around 7 I become hungry again this time I really think about all the food I can cook and plan it all out.
  10. Then something awesome happens in football.....
  11. By the time I remember I want food I'm too hungry to wait for me to cook a whole meal. So I end up ordering more food to be delivered.
  12. When the last game ends I look back on my day..... I have eaten 2 pizzas drank 6 beers and spent over 30 dollars on food I didn't need. I did not move farther than the distance from the couch to the fridge all day. And all I feel is happy, content and can't wait to do it again next week!