Hi there! I'm nervous about making this list. Which I know is silly, none of you know me. Heck, you don't even have a picture of me to reference.
  1. I am married with two children.
    My husband and I met in high school, got married at the age of 21, extended our family to two boys, and 16 years later, we're still a happy family.
  2. I am a nurse.
    In the operating room. I've seen some stuff.
  3. I do the dishes every night and only watch three different TV shows: Seinfeld, Friends, or The Office.
    To clarify: I only watch one episode a night. Not one episode from each series. I know how weird that sounds. You may think I should branch out to shows that maybe are still on the air. But watching the same episodes over and over is incredibly comforting.
  4. I am left-handed.
    I once shoved a scalpel through my left thumb in surgery. Now I don't have much sensation in my thumb. I've had to learn to do quite a bit with my right hand.
  5. My second son was born in the car.
    My husband and I delivered him. His middle name is the name of the road he was born on.