If I ever did drag, I would change my name every month. I thought of these names on my own, but if you already had it, it was a coincidence, and we are both clever. If you're looking for a drag name, have at it!
  1. Aurora Borealis
    Probably the third drag name I came up with on my own; most likely in use by now.
  2. Beth Israel, the Deaconess
    (kind of a Boston-specific name)
  3. Mon Mothra
    (A sci-fi mash-up of Star Wars and Godzilla references)
  4. Ramada LaJoie -
    (second drag name I ever came up with, circa 1996.)
  5. Martha Dumptruck
  6. Quinoa Kale
  7. Downtown Abby
  8. Kara OK
  9. Beth Lehem
  10. Condi Naste
  11. Segunda Nunn
  12. Paula Bunyons
  13. Tiffany @. Breakfast
  14. Scarlet Letterhead or Scarlett Letter Johannsen
  15. Barbara Ganoush
  16. Penny Loafers
  17. Leah Remedy
  18. Miss Shugana
  19. Bloomingdale Nethercote
  20. Elle DeBarge
  21. 50 Ft. Queenie
  22. Awilda Beast
    the first drag name i ever thought of on my own.
  23. Jennifer Maniston
  24. Vida L. Sassoon
  25. Eden Gardener or Eden Gardens
  26. Isabella Blows
  27. Ginger Ail or Ginger Fail
  28. Iggy Juana Dawn (Iguanadon) or Demetra Dawn (Dimetradon)
    for those dinosaur-loving queens. Dinah Sore!
  29. Henrietta Pussycat Dollz
  30. Iris van Herpes
  31. Sister Rosario Perpetua or Dolores Perpetua
    kind of a Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence name
  32. PussyWillow Smith
  33. Ariola Grande
  34. Alice Crimmins
    my ode to John Waters.
  35. Elsa Clench
  36. Epi Penz
  37. Florentine Overture
    Loosely based on someone from work
  38. Breunelia Corning
    less loosely based on someone from work
  39. Agnus Tikk
  40. Gerry Doody
  41. Madeline AllBright
  42. Beverly Kills
  43. B'Little Kim
  44. Diana Sigur Ross