We tend to be a culture that is competitive - to a fault. We have, over the years, embraced a "Live to Work" attitude. A put your nose to the grindstone and mutter, "I'm just soooo busy." Well, I wonder if there might be a more sustainable way to get through our limited time on the planet.
  1. Shinrin-yoku
    A term coined by the Japanese which means "forest bathing." When I was hiking regularly, I was able to embrace this concept and have the magic of nature (backed up by science) wash away the stress.
  2. Hygge
    The Danes, consistently ranked as some of the happiest people on the planet, provided hygge. This translates to an overall warm and cozy feeling, generally among friends and family
  3. Gemütlichkeit
    A bit like the aforementioned hygge, the German version also peaks during the bleak winter months. Coffee, a chair that feels like it's hugging you, soft music, and friends- that's gemütlich.
  4. Il dolce far niente
    The sweetness of doing nothing. Ah, the Italians. Seems they really know how to slow down and enjoy life. Americans attempt to fit in some relaxation between meetings and emails
  5. Wabi-sabi
    Another Japanese term, this is the idea of celebrating the worn or cracked in our lives. This might be a way for us to fight back against our "disposable" culture
  6. Friluftsliv
    The country of Norway gives the world "free air life," which is similar to Shinrin-yoku in that it inspires people to jump into nature and soak up the restorative benefits